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LaFesta Italiana at Waltham Common: A Celebration of Italian Culture!

Festivals provide a staging to celebrate the rich cultures, heritage, rituals, and traditions that define communities and nations. On Saturday, June 10th., the spirit of Italy came pleasantly alive at the Waltham Commons with La Festa Italiana. The festival was organized by the Italian American Alliance. It embodied the essence of the Italian culture and traditions, encompassing family values, music, soccer, the arts, amusement rides, and the iconic Italian food. The event drew in hundreds of attendees who enjoyed a delightful day filled with diverse activities. It offered a fantastic opportunity for families, parents, and children to come together and enjoy a lively environment, complemented by live entertainment and amusements.

The atmosphere could not have been more fitting. There was something for everyone to enjoy. The attendees had a variety of attractions for their selections. Master Illusionist, Steve Charette, mesmerized the crowds with his brilliant and interactive deceptions as he effortlessly captivated passersby. Without a doubt, the live entertainers were the featured attractions of the day, winning fans with catchy Italian tunes and lively line dancing. Renowned musicians, Ray Cavicchio on his Cavi-Chord and three-time world-champion accordionist Cory Pesaturo filled the air with nostalgic Italian songs while showcasing their deep love for the instrument. Enzo Amara delighted listeners with cheerful folk and classic Italian tunes. The festivities launched on a high note with the Color Guard from the Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus presenting the colors and The North Star Drum and Bugle Corp impressing everyone with their rendition of both the Italian and American national anthems and other lively music. The children, true stars of the day, beamed with excitement as they enjoyed the amusement rides and engaged in special activities led by beloved characters “Anna and Elsa.” Additionally, players of the NE Revolution soccer team offered some of their expertise to aspiring young soccer players. Beloved DJ Alan LaBella entertained in his usual fashion and had attendees dancing with much abandon. Closing out the entertainment was none other than the North End’s favorites, Street Magic, singing a capella as only they can do. The appealing aroma of delectable Italian food filled the Waltham Common, while a myriad of vendors offered the opportunity for attendees to purchase their varied wares.

Cultures are the lifeblood of societies and the Italians, having one of the oldest cultures in Europe, have a rich and vibrant heritage. They truly cherish and celebrate all aspects of life on a large scale and of course with much enthusiasm. The goal of La Festa Italiana was to showcase the various aspects of the Italian culture and the values that are important to Italians. Just as language is essential to maintaining conversations, cultures and traditions are vital to preserving the fabric of families and societies. For the Italians, this festival provided a sense of belonging, a way of conserving values, a forum to create memories, and an opportunity to foster social and economic interactions with others of diverse cultures. Words fail to fully capture the friendly ambience that was present throughout the day. Everyone enjoyed being in the moment, surrounded by the festival’s beautiful location, live entertainment, amusing activities, iconic Italian food that included arancini, iris, pizza, sausages, espresso, pastries, cannoli and gelato. Throughout the day the atmosphere was full of warmth and hospitality with the Italians at the event warmly welcoming everyone as friends. The event not only exemplified the spirit of Italian culture but also served as a testament to the power that cultural heritage and traditions have in enriching lives and forging meaningful connections.

Thank you to everyone who made our day such a great success!

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