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Dear IAA Members and Supporters

Columbus Day is under threat AGAIN, this time in NH.

New Hampshire House Bill HB1335 Removal of Columbus Day, has been docketed for a hearing by the House Executive Departments and Administration Committee at 2pm, February 21, 2024 in the Legislative Office Building, Room 306-308, 33 North State Street, Concord, NH 03301.

Please take a moment to send an email opposing this bill, HB1335, to the members of the committee.

We have provided you a list of emails for the committee as well as a sample email you can send, below.

Simply cut and paste the email addresses into the address section of your email program. You can do the same with the sample subject heading and text of the e-mail. Do be sure to fill in your name and other relevant information where indicated.

Thank you, please contact us with any questions and we will keep you posted on this bill as we get more information on it. Rest assured we will fight this attack on Columbus Day in New Hampshire as vigorously as we have in Massachusetts.

Thank you



Committee Members: 


Suggested sample email:

Subject: Bill H1335 Removal of Columbus Day

Dear Committee Members,


I am writing to you regarding the pending bill to remove Columbus Day as a NH state holiday.

I believe Italian-Americans should be recognized and respected by not taking Columbus Day away from them as a State Holiday. Columbus Day is not only important to Italian Americans, but has also been a proud part of America history and tradition. 

There has been much misinformation circulating in the past few decades regarding the history of Christopher Columbus, and in a misguided effort to be inclusive and sensitive to all cultures, this bill produces the opposite effect - it foments exclusion and resentment, especially among Italian-Americans, who have struggled for decades to be accepted into the American national life.

I urge you to not support this Bill and keep Columbus Day as is.


Very Respectfully,


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