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The Italian American Alliance (IAA) stands against discrimination against ALL people and particularly against discrimination pointed at Italians or Italian Americans. It also serves to protect the national heritage of Italian Americans which includes the preservation of the Great Admiral Christopher Columbus who introduced the Old World to the new World.

The Alliance promotes mutual cooperation among its members, reinforces social welfare ideals with community involvement, and preserves the historical significance and achievements of Italians and Italian Americans.

The Italian American Alliance also serves as an educational and advocacy group to local, state, or federal authorities and to the private sector on matters of interest to Italians and Italian Americans. It also organizes educational and cultural programs.


It stands against discrimination against Italians and Italian Americans as well as discrimination against people of other ethnic or racial groups.

The IAA has also formed close alliances with over a dozen other local and National  Italian Organizations to become one voice by working together to reverse the damage done by historical revisionists, like Howard Zinn, who have for political reasons perpetuated historical lies and myths about Columbus and his actions. 


The IAA has joined hands nationally under the umbrella of the  Conference of Presidents Organization of Major Italian Organizations (COPOMIO) by becoming an active member in 2021.


The COPOMIO is now supporting several litigation against major cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Cleveland, and Chicago to stop city politicians from taking away Columbus Day and Columbus statues. Also, The COPOMIO has also become closely affiliated with the Italian Government by establishing a strong relationship with the Italian Ambassador to USA who has officially gone on record to support all endeavors to protect and preserve Columbus in the United States.


The Italian American Alliance was founded on February 26, 2017, and is one of the fastest growing Italian American organizations in Massachusetts.

It's rapid growth is understandable since its members are activists engaged in a noble cause. The Alliance has an exciting story to tell. It grew out of the deep resentment that came from a Cambridge City Council vote to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day.

It was clear from the beginning that the attack on Columbus was actually a veiled attack on Italians and Italian Americans who had experienced discrimination in the past and recognized it in its modern form. It was disappointing that a few Italian Americans themselves had fallen into the anti-Columbus camp.

Something had to be done, so the leaders of the Order of the Sons and Daughters of Italy and the Federation of Italian Organizations (the two leading Italian American organizations in Massachusetts) came together at a special meeting hosted by The St. Joseph's Society in Boston's North End to discuss a strategy that could create an umbrella organization of individuals and associations that would serve as a united voice to defend our cherished Italian heritage.

Out of that meeting came the Italian American Alliance, whose purpose is to stand against discrimination, to uphold our heritage, and to promote Italian and Italian American ideals through education and social welfare programs.  


Since its formation, The Alliance has had a positive influence in preserving Columbus Day.

How We Function

The fifteen member Board of Directors of the Italian American Alliance includes an Executive Committee comprising the President, The Chairman of the Board, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.  Officers, each of whom is charged with special responsibilities; treasurer, membership, operations. 

The IAA is now building geographic chapters across the state and country with local leadership.  If you would like to start a local chapter, let us know!

The IAA played a part in advancing Tony De Marco to the International Boxing Hall of Fame this year.



Recent Calls to Action Campaigns include:


Natick, MA: Their school committee decided to table a proposal to eliminate Columbus Day from the School calendar and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day.  They were inundated with an email campaign from our members.  Local IAA members gave excellent testimony defending Columbus also had a positive impact on the board.


Billerica, MA:  The IAA gave crucial support to, and worked closely with, the local Sons of Italy and were successful in defeating a proposal before the Board of Selectmen to eliminate Columbus Day.  Our educational work was so effective the Selectmen chose to reaffirm Columbus Day's place in the town calander.


Westborough, MA: Local Residents, with the support of the IAA, were successful in explaining why town committee's recommendation to eliminate Columbus Day from the town Calendar was based upon misinformation and untruths about Columbus. The Selectmen decided to reject this proposal. The residents did a fantastic job presenting the facts. The Massachusetts Sons were also very instrumental in helping us defeat this local  rule.

New Haven, CT: Members also had success with getting the city to keep their Columbus Statue.


These are some recent examples of how our calls to action make a difference.


There are 361 towns and cities in Massachusetts, only 19 of which have chosen to eliminate Columbus Day.  The idea that the elimination of Columbus Day is sweeping across the Commonwealth is greatly exaggerated by historical revisionist activists who are determined to wipe Columbus from our nation's history.


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