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Fr Capodanno Update!

Our effort to obtain a commemorative stamp in memory of Medal Of Honor recipient Lt. Fr. Vincent Capodanno is spreading throughout the Italian American community and BEYOND!

We ask that if you have not already, please support this effort and sign the petition. You can sign it electronically by clicking below:

We also have a physical petition available for download so that you may print it and collect signatures at your local parish, social club, or other gatherings. Do not forget that these sheets must be returned to us to count!

You may download the physical petition here:

Capodanno Petition
Download PDF • 184KB

Lastly, IAA Chairman Dr. Domenic Amara recently joined IAA National Chapter President Virginia Gardner on her Podcast "Does This Make Sense" during a new segment called "Che Fai" to discuss Fr Capodanno.

This podcast is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to learn more about the life and ministry of this incredible man. Click below to hear the podcast:

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