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Our lobbying effort to SAVE COLUMBUS DAY at the State House has officially begun!!

We are ONE UNIFIED VOICE (25 Organizations) that they cannot ignore.

As IAA members you all can help by sending an email to your own State Legislators by using the model letter below or write your own personal letter.

Find your legislator here:

Sending an email to the following address will pass your opposition on to all the committee members regarding the Columbus bills (H3191/S2027), along with our legislative leaders:

Your participation will be incredibly helpful. You all know if we stay out of sight then we are out of their minds!

Please share your legislator's reply with us at


Your Italian American Alliance Board Members

Strategic Planning Committee


Model email letter to your State Legislators:

Subject: Bill H3191/S2027 to replace Columbus Day with IPD


Dear (your State Representative),

I am writing to you regarding the sponsored bill to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day as a State Holiday. There has been much misinformation circulating in the past few decades regarding the history of Christopher Columbus, and in a misguided effort to be inclusive and sensitive to all cultures, this bill produces the opposite effect - it foments exclusion and resentment, especially among Italian-Americans, who have struggled for decades to be accepted into the American national life.

I believe Italian-Americans should be recognized and respected by not taking Columbus Day away from them as a State Holiday. No other group is expected to have their day merged with another group’s. It is disrespectful both to Italian Americans as well as the Native American communities. It is not only important to Italian Americans, but has also been a proud part of America history and tradition. As one of your voting constituents, I urge you to not support this Bill and keep Columbus Day as is.

Very Respectfully,

(your name)

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