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BOSTON, MA:​ Preserve Italian Heritage - Save Christopher Columbus - SIGN THE PETITION!​

On October 6, without warning to anyone but the media and a contingent of indigenous people, Acting Mayor Kim Janey proclaimed that Boston would celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead of Christopher Columbus Day. She made the executive order only weeks away from leaving her position as Mayor. Her actions are symbolic of a move to cancel history, truth, and the American way. Another cowardly move to appease the "Woke Culture".

Christopher Columbus is a symbol for Italian Americans who struggled to achieve greatness in America and whose children and grandchildren have contributed, and continue to contribute, to this great Nation. The vandalizing of the statue in Boston, and similar monuments elsewhere, is an assault on our history, our heritage and the values we share with the founders of America.”

America is under assault by forces who wish to destroy its very fabric by debasing its history of which Christopher Columbus is inextricably a part. All Americans who care deeply about the direction that America is going need to understand that this is not just about Christopher Columbus or Italian Americans, it is about American Americans.

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